Micra Pasta Mach.

Micra pasta maker

Micra Pasta machine (Pasta extruder)

Micra is the fresh pasta machine for restaurants,
canteens, bakeries and other users looking for small production at a minimum investment.
By simply changing the die , Micra can make spaghetti, tagliatelle, maccheroni, fusilli
and many other shapes. The optional electronic cutter makes even simpler the
production of short cut pasta. Micra pasta maker can also produce sheet for lasagne
with a special die.
Food graded materials and the safety devices allow a simple use and cleaning of Micra
and - together with the strong and well tested mechanics - they are the best guarantee
for a long life of the pasta machine.



Die diameter


Production in extrusion

Kg/h 6

Mixing hopper capacity

Kg 1,5


cm 30 x 45 x 45h
12" x 18" x 18"


kg 40

Motor power

Hp 0,5

Electric power

kW 0,4

Pasta machine (Pasta maker) Micra
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