Pizza Oven

We are the dealer of  M.A.M.  manufacturer for Wood & Gas Burning Pizza Ovens.

Victoria L’Originale offers a wide selection of models. These type of ovens are perfect 
for the commercial or domestic user that needs to bake a big or small quantity of pizzas, bread, cakes and other oven cooked specialities.

• The M.A.M. oven can also be delivered un-painted with a copper effect so that it
   can be used even with no additional covering.
• The M.A.M. oven is a prefabricated wood burning oven made of vibrated refractory
    material and can be equipped with a gas burner
• The M.A.M. oven comes with peel, small baker’s shovel, stand, brush and shutter.
• The M.A.M. oven does not need any installation permission since it is prefabricated.
• The M.A.M. oven is fitted and operating in 24 hours, so it can be fitted on the closing day.
• The M.A.M. oven thanks to its characteristic of maintaining its baking temperature,
    allows you to bake pizzas in continuation with a minimum wood consumption.
• The M.A.M. oven can be moved if necessary using a lifting truck from one room to another.
• The M.A.M oven can be supplied pre-assembled, and with wheels. 

About M.A.M Company

The company M.A.M. was established in 1952, and was originally a metalworking company. Its founder, Cav. Aurelio Malaguti, devised his first wood fired oven for pizzerias in the 1960’s. Its characteristics were immediately appreciated by those who used it, and the oven in that first pizzeria is still operating today. Over the years, without changing the winning formula with which it was designed, and adding new technologies, the M.A.M. oven has become a leading product not only in Italy but all over the world.
The company M.A.M. has technicians available all over the world to evaluate which product best adapts to your needs. It also provides after-sales technical assistance and is at the customer’s complete disposal for any possible modifications from wood-fire to gas fired ovens, maintaining the CE (European) certification.

That's why M.A.M. is a leader in its business field:
Our company has always used refractory material of high quality and of Italian origin that ensures greater efficiency while baking the food by reducing the costs of energy (wood and / or gas), of maintenance and optimizing the performance.
M.A.M. ovens differ from those of the competitors for the greater thickness of their baking surfaces and of their domes.
M.A.M. has also patented the Combination oven that has proved to be one of the most efficient heating systems for baking surface, increasing the quality of cooked foods.
Our company is constantly in the forefront and pays attention to customer and market needs, trying to produce innovative and competitive ovens, obtaining in this way, products of undisputed performance.


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