At VLO, Victoria L’Originale , we supply a full line and wide variety of
Imported Espresso Coffees and gourmet coffees.

Among them you will find Jamaican Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, the finest Arabica, Juan Valdez, Colombian, Costa Rican, and many other blends.  VLO, Victoria L’Originale roasts fresh and blends custom flavors of coffee for coffee shops, specialty stores, coffee houses and coffee bars, as well as “signature blends” for restaurants, hotels and private use. When it comes to Espresso,
Victoria L’Originale will not settle for less than perfection.

APA Gold 100% Arabica blend - 2lb beans Vacuum Pack Bag
APA Gold 100% Arabica blend - 250g ground packed in Vacuum Can
APA Gold Pods Singles and Double dosage

Italian Espresso, Flavored Coffee, Gourmet Coffee, Gourmet Tea, Iced Tea, Flavored Ice Tea, Frappe

Espresso Pods and Capsules, Flavored Syrups, Sugar Sticks

Espresso 3oz Cups, Cappuccino Cups

Gift Baskets

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Victoria L’Originale
 offers many types of gourmet Flavored Coffees. We want to give you the widest selection of coffees to choose from so that no matter what your taste preference is, no matter what flavored coffee you might love, there’s a coffee here that’s perfect for you. Our best sellers include Hazelnut, Irish Cream, French Roast,  French Vanilla, Chocolate Almond and our Own Special Blends which consists of Jamaican Blue Moutain, Costa Rican and Colombian Supremo.

We make our flavors to order. Each order is made fresh as needed

We are also are the distributors for the Award winning Harney & Sons Gourmet Teas, Da Vinci Flavored Syrups, and many other coffee related products and services. 

Proudly we also sell
Caffe Mauro Espresso Capsules, Danesi from Rome Italy Espresso Line and the Intenso Caffe' from Napoli Italy.

Victoria L’Originale also offers the following products:

Pasta Machines
Victoria L'Originale - Italgi Pasta Machines offers a wide variety of pasta machines for restaurants, deli, or pasta factories that wishes to offer fresh pasta of the best home-made quality.

Imperia Pasta Makers
Victoria L'Originale -Imperia Restaurant Pasta Machine for small to medium pasta production complete with roller unit, tray, handle and clamp. Extra cutters Simplex available are of 5 sizes.

Espresso Machines
Victoria L'Originale -Espresso and cappuccino machines for home or business

Espresso Machine Parts -
Are available for most models and brands.  Please call with your model and brand name. 


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